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Stephan Maus

Stephan Maus
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!Hubzilla Support Forum

Dear #hubzilla -friends!

I hope you are all fine. Tell me: Each time, I click on a Hubzilla-profile, I get this error-message:


The suggested reason is: "Problem occurs if cookies are disabled or rejected". I played around with Mozilla's cookie-preferences but no effect until now.

Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks a lot in advance!

PS: As long as I am not logged in to my Hubzilla-hub, everything works fine, I can access other profiles. But as soon as I'm logged in, I can't access other Hubzilla-Sites or a Forum. As if I couldn't "leave" my hub anymore. Strange.
Sind wir nicht inzwischen bei 3.8?
Joerg Hohn
bei 3.8.1
TatsÀchlich lÀuft da 2.8.1,, hatte erst an einen Schreibfehler gedacht. Ich hatte das Problem auch, aber es ist unter 3.8.1 nicht vorhanden.
Stephan Maus
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Promoting #hubzilla in the right sidebar of my website (
With 2 hat-tips to @Sean Tilley
Upside down

Stephan Maus
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!Hubzilla Support Forum  Very strange: each time, I upload a picture since yesterday, its upside down. Is that due to the Australian origin of #hubzilla? 🙄 Any ideas? Thanks !
Roelof Pieter
Yes, see something similar now too. The image is correct in Gnome Browser on Fedora. Doesn't that also use Webkit? Like Alex's iPad, where the image is also correct? It's upside down in Firefox (on Fedora) or Lightning on Android. Seems like something in the rendering of the image in the browser... . (I run Hubzilla, Version 3.2.2)
M. Dent
Very strange.... Linux running Chrome - the image is upside down within Hubzilla, but if I right mouse click and open it by itself in a separate browser tab, it is right-side-up.
Mike Macgirvin
As it turns out there are some undesirable interactions with the php imagick driver - even accounting for the previous bug. A new fix has been submitted.

It's difficult to neatly describe all the weird interactions that were involved so let me just say we're doing our best to get it right in the face of a number of conflicting variables and external forces which have conspired to get it all wrong.
Twitter > Hubzilla

Stephan Maus
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Wait? You connect with
to a "Twitter"-account, transform the stream into RSS and follow the account with #hubzilla? No algorithm? No tracking? Pure information? Hahaha! - Okay, cool, and now: Same for Facebook please!
@h.ear.t | tobias Ein Freund von mir hat es ausprobiert. Er hat eine Sehbehinderung, er sieht ca. 10% von dem was wir sehen. Er fand Hubzilla total nutzbar, weil es viel Kontrast hat und beim VergrĂ¶ĂŸern (Zoomfaktor heißt das in Firefox) auf die mobile Version wechselt.
 from Friendica
Ich bin ja jetzt nicht so im Thema, aber es gibt doch zumindest fĂŒr den Desktop Screenreader-Programme. Damit könnte man sich doch den Inhalt des Web-Frontends von Twitter vorlesen lassen. Das sollte wenigstens schon mal die Zeit ĂŒberbrĂŒcken, bis die externen Apps angepasst sind.
Ich bin auch nicht im Thema, aber der Niels hat, wenn ich das richtig verstanden habe, Erfahrung, wie gut man als Blinder Twitter und Gnu Social nutzen kann. Seinen GS-Kanal hat er in Twidere eingefĂŒgt bekommen samt neuer Server-Adresse, aber das ist noch nicht ganz optimal. Stimmt das soweit? Falls das ĂŒberhaupt zu Niels ĂŒberkommt.

Hier war die Frage, wie gut die OberflĂ€che von Hubzilla, einer anderen Software fĂŒr soziales Netzwerken, mit dem man sich aber zu GS verbinden kann, fĂŒr Blinde benutzbar ist. Die Frage wĂ€re, wie geht das denn ĂŒberhaupt und wo gibt es Probleme.
James D Morgan
I haven't tried it in a while. I only use Emacs when my fingers ain't too tired
Beni Grind
@James D Morgan there is a cure for that: Evil Mode
 from Friendica
Emacs is clearly not an editor but an operating system
Stephan Maus
Alter! Begeistert entdeckt, dass #hubzilla rss-feeds abonnieren kann, sofort mal die SZ abonniert, und dann kommt die erste News:
Topthemen - wrote the following post Tue, 10 Apr 2018 19:42:47 +0200
Über kurz oder lang: Das ist die beste HaarbĂŒrste
Über kurz oder lang: Das ist die beste HaarbĂŒrste

Sie sollen Haarknoten entwirren, fĂŒr schönen Glanz sorgen und die Durchblutung der Kopfhaut anregen. Doch welche HaarbĂŒrste ist wirklich gut? Wir haben zehn Fabrikate getestet.
hEARt PhoniX
Mir hat mal ein Professor erzĂ€hlt, wie er sein SZ-Abo vor Jahren gekĂŒndigt hat. Telefonisch hat eine Mitarbeiterin ihn gefragt, warum. Und er erzĂ€hlte, dass es ihn zu sehr gestört hat, dass die SZ immer mehr thematisch der Popkultur hinterherrennt: "Die hat mich nicht mal verstanden!"
Stephan Maus
@h.ear.t | tobias Das versuche ich in einer ruhigen Stunde nachzubauen. Danke fĂŒr die Anregung.

@Carsten Herkenhoff Rezension der neuesten Rihanna-CD soll mir Recht sein. Aber HaarbĂŒrsten-Test als Topnews? Ts, ts. Dabei habe ich durchaus Problemhaar.
Stephan Maus
What do you think: How many active users are we on #hubzilla ? I mean, really active, posting regulary. My guess: 100.
Somehow it only works because I'm logged in here and check the other site within the same browser.
Einer von Vielen
@Stephan Maus I just saw also my second hub vanished from the list because I switched off the federation plugins. As far as I remember this is the reason (not) to get listed.

So it should be more hubs and hubzillians arround. Maybe much more?
Don't forget the off-grid "closed community hubs".
Stephan Maus
Nice introduction to The Federation
FrĂšre MauvaisFrĂšre Mauvais wrote the following post Fri, 06 Apr 2018 03:21:56 +0200
@Uncondemning Monk

Something that I wish existed when we both came here in 2011 (maybe you came in '13?)

Welcome to The Federation!

This is a brief introduction to our system. The Federation (not to be confused with the Fediverse) is a combination of 5 different social networks:These networks are interconnected. Posts that are made on one network is shared with the others, but each network has different features and looks. Feel free to switch if you want to explore other options.

Unlike most social networks, there is no central system that determines and/or dictates what people see. Instead of automatically showing things according to popularity and/or individual user behavior, people here have to take charge of their own content.

#Hastags determine what you and others see. If a post has a #hashtag you are following, it will show up in your stream, likewise for your own posts. If you are sharing with someone, you will see all of their posts regardless of the #hashtags used. There are no other hidden factors or systems.

So make sure to follow a bunch of appropriate #hashtags, check out other profiles and share with people otherwise you won't find any content. Also make sure you engage, leave comments and use proper #hashtags in your own posts, otherwise we wouldn't know you exist.

We have a few moderation tools, so you are free to block and ignore users as you see fit. Please try to be excellent to each other and take everything with some #humor. The admins shouldn't be bothered with childish trollwars or denouncism.

Everything here is done manually. It's up to the community to distribute content, support each other, invite new people, contribute to the code, pay for our infrastructure and fight any kind of commercial spaming, propaganda, etc. (This #newhere message is a good example of this in action.)

You can find out more from the various links, FAQ's and Tutorials listed above (next to each network). The tutorial for Friendica users is on every site, under /help. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here. Everything might be a bit daunting at first, but like with all good things, patience is key.

The experience you have on this network is in your own hands... good luck! =D
You can copy and spread this message (with proper formatting) from this post
Stephan Maus
BTW: Is there a possibility to follow hashtags in #hubzilla?
Mike Macgirvin
See settings/featured (Diaspora Protocol Settings)
I see this question frequently, so I added a FAQ. Let me know if the answer should be better.
Stephan Maus
Is #Numa even better than #hubzilla? Runs on a blockchain ! Cutting edge !
moonmanmoonman wrote the following post Wed, 04 Apr 2018 22:58:06 +0200
moonman favorited something by sonya:

I'm trying out Numa, a new Fediverse... thing... that lives on the Ethereum blockchain somehow. My account on the founding instance is @sonya (is it federating properly yet? idk)

Check it out:

Found via Hacker News, where there's a long comment from the creator:

cc @moonman @rw @deadsuperhero
Posts in a blockchain can't be deleted, as far as I know.
So this is an effect you should be aware of.
Marshall Sutherland
If successful, just imagine the scaling issues. Want to run your own instance? No problem! Just download the entire history of every communication that has ever happened.
Stephan Maus
The #numa - website is a good joke, I think. Paying for every post! It's a good parody of Silicon-Valley-hipsters fishing for venture capitalist-dollars.
Stephan Maus
Don't know what I love more: #Hubzilla or my #Debian -Laptop.
 from Friendica
Apparently, most of the xiaomi phones are compatible too.... I've seen some good deals on ebay for them. So long as it has a minimum of 2gb ram and 16gb storage, I'm happy. I never really use it for anything particularly intensive.
Einer von Vielen
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Bought 2 Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 for my kids but failed to unlook the bootloader. You have to register your phone and use a "Windows App" connect it to a MS-Windows Computer to unlook. This step failed. Result: No LineageOS on Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 for my kids. At least I figured out how to install decent firewall, Netguard.

I would recommend LeEco Le Pro3 instead. Advantage: no registration at manufacturer, just unlook it using developer options, adb and fastboot. Bought three phones at Alibaba. Installed LineageOS 15.x (Android 8.1), SuperUser and on one phone gapps. No problems. Watch this: buy these models only    LEX720, LEX722, LEX727 only.
Pavithran S
 from Diaspora
moto g old versions are the cheapest lineage devices.
Problems with connection to Mastodon

Stephan Maus
!Hubzilla Support Forum Good morning Hubzilla-People!

When I'm trying to connect to a #mastodon - user, I get the error-message "channel dicovery failed". This is very strange because several days ago, I succeeded in connecting to some mastodon-users and I see them in my connection-list (although I don't really know if I still see their posts).

Do you have any idea what happened?

giac hellvecio
in truth I have always had some problems with the federation with gnusocial and mastodon, sometimes it works, others not ....Mike always does miracles (for federating), but on the other hand/side they often "destroy" these miracles.

there is no comparison with the-federation (the federation using diaspora protocol), that works much better, more stable.
Very interesting. It works for me if the other person follows back... or something like that.
Derartige Installationen auf Shared Hostern sind halt auch immer so eine Sache. GS ist bei mir langsam aber sicher sehr lahm geworden. Friendica dagegen ist am schnellsten bislang und es lÀsst sich auch so einfach wie WordPress installieren.
Stephan Maus
!Hubzilla Support Forum Good morning Hubzilla-People!
I'm trying to connect to a Pleroma-user. But I'm getting the following error-notification: "Remote channel or protocol unavailable". What do I have to do to federate with #pleroma? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

Happpy Eastern!
I'm having the same problem regarding Lain
Stephan Maus
No, actually, you're right, sorry. I have Lain in my "Connections" but I don't have his posts in my feed.
Mike Macgirvin
That's the bug we're trying to work through. We can add the connection, but they reject the 'follow' message we send them with a 500 error (pretty serious usually) and at this point we haven't discovered why it is rejected.
Ich bin 3000 Dateien

Stephan Maus
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In diesem ""-Artikel habe ich beschrieben, was mich zu #Hubzilla fĂŒhrte: Meine #Facebook -Sucht.

Ich bin 3000 Dateien: Meine Facebook-Sucht, meine Daten und Cambridge Analytica


Seit zehn Jahren verrĂ€t unser Autor Facebook fast alles ĂŒber sich. Doch wie gut kennt Mark Zuckerberg ihn wirklich? Stephan Maus hat sich seine gesamten ...
Ich habe fĂŒr meinen Teil beschlossen hier einfach weiter zumachen. Unsere eigenen Ziele selbst zu verfolgen, fĂŒr mich definieren sich diese Ziele aus dem Konzept das hinter Hubzilla steht.

Ganz genau.
Ich sags ja nicht zum ersten mal:
Diese Vergleicherei mit FB
1. fĂŒhrt zu nix
2. weckt falsche Erwartungshaltung
3. stiftet Verwirrung
4. erklÀrt nicht im geringsten das Riesenpotential von Hubzilla

FĂŒr mich kann ich nur sagen: Hubzilla ist ohne Scheiss das StĂŒck "Social-Software" dass ich immer gesucht hab.
Man kann hier durchaus Vergleiche anstellen. Man darf nur nicht unter den Tisch fallen lassen: Die erste Alternative fĂŒr Leute, die sich von Facebook verballhornt fĂŒhlen, ist nicht ein anderes Internetnetzwerk, sondern der Verzicht auf jegliches derartiges Netzwerk. Keine Zeitung und keine Alternativsoftware profitieren von der derzeit durchaus gegebenen Abkehr von Facebook in spĂŒrbarem Maße.

Ein System wie Hubzilla ist ĂŒberwĂ€ltigend: Weil die Idee eines sozialen Netzwerks kontinuierlich weiterentwickelt wurde, wĂ€hrend dieselbe Idee bei den komerziellen Twitter und Facebook schlicht verkĂŒmmerte und nur kĂŒnstlich am Leben gehalten werden kann. Trotzdem könnte Hubzilla auf der Strecke bleiben.
Ich möchte mal Danke sagen:
- fĂŒr die vielen Meinungen
- fĂŒr die vielen Perspektiven
- fĂŒr die Akzeptanz

Irgendwie hat jeder Recht und jeder Standpunkt ist nicht total abwegig.
So viele Ansichten ...
Auch solche Diskussionen sprechen fĂŒr diese Netzwerke.

Auch wenn das jetzt was Off-Topic war : Danke
First Steps

Stephan Maus
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Opened this hub, exploring Hubzilla's functions now. Impressive!
Stephan Maus
@Haakon Meland Eriksen (Parlementum) We've spent 2 weeks in Ravika. It was phantastic!
Haakon Meland Eriksen (Parlementum)
Ravika is a bit North of Lyngseidet where my uncle still lives in my grandparents home. I have a cousine across the fjord too. :-)
Stephan Maus
Happyness must live in Norway, because you have relatives "across the fjord".