Stephan Maus
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Dear #hubzilla -friends!

I hope you are all fine. Tell me: Each time, I click on a Hubzilla-profile, I get this error-message:


The suggested reason is: "Problem occurs if cookies are disabled or rejected". I played around with Mozilla's cookie-preferences but no effect until now.

Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks a lot in advance!

PS: As long as I am not logged in to my Hubzilla-hub, everything works fine, I can access other profiles. But as soon as I'm logged in, I can't access other Hubzilla-Sites or a Forum. As if I couldn't "leave" my hub anymore. Strange.
Sind wir nicht inzwischen bei 3.8?
Joerg Hohn
bei 3.8.1
Tatsächlich läuft da 2.8.1,, hatte erst an einen Schreibfehler gedacht. Ich hatte das Problem auch, aber es ist unter 3.8.1 nicht vorhanden.