Problems with connection to Mastodon

Stephan Maus
!Hubzilla Support Forum Good morning Hubzilla-People!

When I'm trying to connect to a #mastodon - user, I get the error-message "channel dicovery failed". This is very strange because several days ago, I succeeded in connecting to some mastodon-users and I see them in my connection-list (although I don't really know if I still see their posts).

Do you have any idea what happened?

giac hellvecio
in truth I have always had some problems with the federation with gnusocial and mastodon, sometimes it works, others not ....Mike always does miracles (for federating), but on the other hand/side they often "destroy" these miracles.

there is no comparison with the-federation (the federation using diaspora protocol), that works much better, more stable.
Very interesting. It works for me if the other person follows back... or something like that.
Derartige Installationen auf Shared Hostern sind halt auch immer so eine Sache. GS ist bei mir langsam aber sicher sehr lahm geworden. Friendica dagegen ist am schnellsten bislang und es lässt sich auch so einfach wie WordPress installieren.