Stephan Maus
Is #Numa even better than #hubzilla? Runs on a blockchain ! Cutting edge !
moonmanmoonman wrote the following post Wed, 04 Apr 2018 22:58:06 +0200
moonman favorited something by sonya:

I'm trying out Numa, a new Fediverse... thing... that lives on the Ethereum blockchain somehow. My account on the founding instance is @sonya (is it federating properly yet? idk)

Check it out:

Found via Hacker News, where there's a long comment from the creator:

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Posts in a blockchain can't be deleted, as far as I know.
So this is an effect you should be aware of.
Marshall Sutherland
If successful, just imagine the scaling issues. Want to run your own instance? No problem! Just download the entire history of every communication that has ever happened.
Stephan Maus
The #numa - website is a good joke, I think. Paying for every post! It's a good parody of Silicon-Valley-hipsters fishing for venture capitalist-dollars.