Stephan Maus
Don't know what I love more: #Hubzilla or my #Debian -Laptop.
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Apparently, most of the xiaomi phones are compatible too.... I've seen some good deals on ebay for them. So long as it has a minimum of 2gb ram and 16gb storage, I'm happy. I never really use it for anything particularly intensive.
Einer von Vielen
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Bought 2 Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 for my kids but failed to unlook the bootloader. You have to register your phone and use a "Windows App" connect it to a MS-Windows Computer to unlook. This step failed. Result: No LineageOS on Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 for my kids. At least I figured out how to install decent firewall, Netguard.

I would recommend LeEco Le Pro3 instead. Advantage: no registration at manufacturer, just unlook it using developer options, adb and fastboot. Bought three phones at Alibaba. Installed LineageOS 15.x (Android 8.1), SuperUser and on one phone gapps. No problems. Watch this: buy these models only    LEX720, LEX722, LEX727 only.
Pavithran S
 from Diaspora
moto g old versions are the cheapest lineage devices.