Stephan Maus
maiyannahmaiyannah wrote the following post Fri, 06 Apr 2018 13:56:33 +0200
If there's anything hacking on postActiv has taught me, it's why the fediverse hasn't moved forward in years.  Instead of collaborating, people go off on their own projects that duplicate work and effort for pretty much no gain.  It's not surprising: everyone wants to be a chief, no one wants to be an indian, so to speak.  I only made postActiv to push GS forward since the issues and PRs weren't getting put in a time fashion, but this isn't the first time someone who has had the same experience has ignored it to go off and do their own thing.

We're just going in circles and circles, all the while wondering why we get nowhere.  Hubzilla and Diaspora are the ones actually solving the hard problems of the fediverse, and by and large they've been ignored too.  Actually fixing things isn't "sexy"
Stephan Maus
Hier läuft's auf all.inkl. Bislang gut.
I like the idea of friendica developers that want friendica to be as easily installed as wordpress is. That's a point why I don't turn my back on friendica, although hubzilla works pretty much the same.
hEARt PhoniX
In fact that goal is extremely old and was an early design goal for Mistpark/Friendika/Friendica/RedMatrix/Hubzilla.