Upside down

Stephan Maus
  last edited: Thu, 19 Apr 2018 08:59:19 +0200  
!Hubzilla Support Forum  Very strange: each time, I upload a picture since yesterday, its upside down. Is that due to the Australian origin of #hubzilla? 🙄 Any ideas? Thanks !
Roelof Pieter
Yes, see something similar now too. The image is correct in Gnome Browser on Fedora. Doesn't that also use Webkit? Like Alex's iPad, where the image is also correct? It's upside down in Firefox (on Fedora) or Lightning on Android. Seems like something in the rendering of the image in the browser... . (I run Hubzilla, Version 3.2.2)
M. Dent
Very strange.... Linux running Chrome - the image is upside down within Hubzilla, but if I right mouse click and open it by itself in a separate browser tab, it is right-side-up.
Mike Macgirvin
As it turns out there are some undesirable interactions with the php imagick driver - even accounting for the previous bug. A new fix has been submitted.

It's difficult to neatly describe all the weird interactions that were involved so let me just say we're doing our best to get it right in the face of a number of conflicting variables and external forces which have conspired to get it all wrong.