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Stephan Maus
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The whole discussion about Facebook seems strange to me. Do we really need any new laws? Better protection? State-intervention? Destruction of the Facebook- (/Twitter-/Google-/Apple- etc.) Monopole? I don’t think so. The problem is laziness and ignorance.

What we really need is good digital education. My daughter's first computer-science-lesson in high-school consisted in filling out LibreOffice-spreadsheets. Thats a scandal! Kids have to learn how to hack!

What do you think?
How could such a school-programm look like?
How could we provide real digital education?

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Beni Grind
IMHO it is important that kids learn basic programming skills as early as possible. Their time on the computer could be limited to such activities, using tools which are appropriate to their age.

I don't think it is even possible to teach topics like machine learning - or anything which requires advanced math - at primary school level. I struggle to discuss such topics at high school (Gymnasium) level.

In Switzerland we are introducing compulsory IT courses at Gymasium level. I don't fully agree with their proposed curriculum but it's definitely rather IT than ICT focused. That's the draft (in German, sorry):
Stephan Maus
Uh, uh, that reminds me of MBot, a little Arduino-Robot I gave my daughter for Xmas. You can program the robot from a Bluetooth-connected Laptop with the simple programming-language MBlock.

Our game: I write exercices like: "Make him drive in a square." And my daughter is programming it. The most difficult part: I have to understand this f*ing computer-language to write the exercices.

My next task should be: "Make him drive an eight." But I forgot the basics of the language since Xmas. So we will probably go out roller-skating instead.
Beni Grind
Ask her to make it draw the square, then she can reuse the code but has some engineering to do to fit a pen and make sure the corners are sharp enough...